Bank Repossessions

We offer Spanish properties directly from Spanish banks.

Repossessed properties in Spain. Bank-owned-repossessed-properties-Costa-Blanca-Spain

Opportunities to take over the existing mortgages and to clear the mortgage debts at amazing prices.

We are partner with all leading Spanish Banks and have ability to offer the largest choice of repossessed properties all over Spain. Buy directly from the bank without any extra costs, discounts up to 60%.

A repossessed property normally means that the bank who financed the property, has taken the property back, either by forced sale or through an agreement with the owner. We offer a good selection of bank repossessions in Spain.

It can be a very good investment to buy directly from banks. We will put  you in direct contact with the responsible bank for a specific property.

We don’t list these properties to protect any involved person or company. If you are genuinely interested to make a good investment, please fill in this form and we will pass the information to the right bank directly.

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential

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